Miller TurboLite Flash Personal Fall Limiters 6-FT Twin

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  • Miller TurboLite Flash Personal Fall Limiters 6-FT Twin
  • Miller TurboLite Flash Personal Fall Limiters 6-FT Twin
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Easy to Identify

• Commonly used in arc flash warning labels and signs, the bright yellow color on the housing helps differentiate the Flash series from standard TurboLite products as well as other traditional self-retracting lifelines.

Outstanding Versatility

• An all-in-one solution for arc flash and hot work applications, available in single or twin configurations and designed for workers in bucket trucks and aerial lifts.


• The durable *Kevlar/*Nomex webbing withstands arc flash testing of 40 cal/cm² as well as weld splatter and contact with high heat surfaces.

Integral Shock Absorber

• Provides protection where foot level tie-off is required. Flame-resistant cover protects the shock absorber and product labels.

High-Impact Resistant Housing

• Along with corrosion-resistant internal components, the housing provides ultimate durability, extending the product’s service life and lowering the cost of ownership.

Great Mobility

• Swivel connectors allow for excellent maneuverability in any working environment.

Efficient Tracking

• Ultra-high frequency RFID enables efficient asset and inspection tracking


• Provides the user with enhanced versatility, for both arc flash and hot work applications.

• Offers a comfortable work experience, while minimizing fatigue and providing excellent user mobility.

• Keeps you safe while being as comfortable and lightweight as possible.

• Meets the most stringent safety standards, including ANSI Z359.14 and ASTM F887.


Provides an “all-in-one” solution

• Designed to protect workers in environments with potential arc flash hazards as well as hot work applications such as welding and areas with extreme temperatures.

Provides protection for a wider range of workers

• Rated for up to a 420-lb. (189 kg) weight capacity for all connections down to foot level.

Enables quicker, easier installation

• Forget about connectors that are difficult to operate. A single click and you can focus on the task at hand.

• Helps keep the user safe by quickly arresting a fall to minimize fall clearance.

• Increases safety by keeping tension on the lifeline to reduce dragging and tripping hazards.

Maximizes versatility for arc flash and hot work applications

• Includes various lengths, configurations, and connector options to meet the needs of a variety of fall protection applications, including specific designs for tie-back applications as well as bucket truck and aerial lift operations.

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