Class 2 Type 2 Salsibury 36" x 36" Rubber Insulated Blanket Eyelets-28 17,000VAC

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Blanket Eyelet Style, 36" SQ, Class 2, Type II, 28 Eyelets, Black


17,000 VAC

HIGH QUALITY - Salisbury's Type II SALCOR Blankets are of the highest quality available today. They will hold their color and flexibility, and will maintain physical properties and dielectric strength, required by ASTM standard, in the field longer than any other blanket on the market.

OZONE RESISTANT - SALCOR is manufactured from a well-researched blend of prime EPDM, which is naturally resistant to Ozone. This blend of Prime EPDM offers superb flexibility; similar to that of a Type I natural rubber blanket. This ensures the Salisbury Type II SALCOR blanket will pass the ASTM D 1048 Ozone Tests both, Method A and Method B.

Eyelet Style Insulating Blankets were designed to be easily secured in place by using blanket pins, Snap Buttons or Ty-Straps Eyelet blankets are flexible and feature a reinforced beaded edge and eyelets for added strength and tear-resistance.




Rubber goods are not returnable.

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