What’s Your Rubber Glove Size? The Quick and Simple Guide

The age of the internet has in theory, greatly improved the quality of day to day life. I can check emails from my smart phone, purchase my wife’s Christmas present from my iPad the very moment she starts dropping hints in August and of course order clothes that never fit me correctly because, well…. I just don’t know my size.

As I get older my clothing gets increasingly tighter. The cause of this in my mind is the need to look more professional and clean versus the loose fitting, comfortable clothing of my youth, but truth be told, I just eat far too much and exercise far too little.

As in clothing, many customers prefer gloves to fit differently. Some customers want to feel like a Surgeon in the operating room while others prefer a loose fitting glove that is comfortable. While both extremes are not ideal, there is a range towards the middle that is in most cases your best option.

Luckily Salisbury, the manufacturer of these gloves, has a very simple method of determining your glove size.

STEP 1: Measure the circumference around the palm.

That is it! Really, it’s that simple. The measurement of the circumference of your palm in inches is your glove size. Of course you should allow additional room if fabric glove liners will be worn under the gloves.Going up one full glove size will do the trick.

The image below will better explain this technical process.

If you will be sizing up a larger group of people needing gloves, you can always contact 70E Solutions and ask us to send you a free glove sizing kit. This is often more simple than the above method when sizing 10 or more people as it speeds up the sizing process.

Glove come in sizes 7, 8, 8 ½, 9, 9 ½, 10, 10 ½, 11 and 12.

For additional information you can visit www.70ESolutions.com

Nov 17th 2014 Michael Wright Jr., VP Sales & Marketing

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