20 cal/cm² Salisbury LFH20-SPL Lift Front Hood with PrismShield

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Salisbury’s revolutionary 40 cal/cm² Lift Front Hood significantly changed how the electrical industry viewed arc flash head and face protection. We are proud to announce that we are now expanding our product offering by launching a 20 cal/cm² version of our groundbreaking product.

The Lift Front Hood’s unique hybrid combination design creates a product that is lighter and more comfortable to wear than a standard hood. With 360 degrees of protection the need for a protective balaclava is eliminated, and by using 60% less fabric than a traditional hood the Lift Front Hood allows for more natural head movement.

Equipped with our new PrismShield™ the Lift Front Hood 20’s wider face shield design and transparent chin guard more than doubles a user’s vertical peripheral vision and offers unparalleled visibility compared to traditional hoods. The end result is an unmatched fusion of safety, visibility, and comfort.

20 cal/cm² Lift Front Hood with PrismShield™ Features and Benefits

  • PrismShield™ lens provides full color visibility – no more color distortion.
  • Our exclusive Weight Balancing frame make this the most comfortable arc flash head protection on the market
  • 360 degrees of protection – no more need for balaclavas
  • Anti-Fog Coating maintains visibility for longer periods of time.
  • Anti-Scratch Coating extends the life of the lens – less need for replacements.
  • Shield and chin guard offer an additional 45 degrees of vertical view over standard hoods.
  • Ventilated bracket design allows carbon dioxide and heat to escape as it rises from the body.

Standards and Compliance

  • Meets ANSI Z87.1
  • Tested to ASTM F2187 specifications
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